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Artist Statement

My art and photography are inspired by the transformation of movement into a memory, images that live in us for decades.  Some of the best memories in my soul are those that I never lived-my prehispanic past.  Paths that I don't know are there floating above my memory.  Places that I discover in this real life are here, all together, full of folklore, in my psyche.  All of those faces, flavors and smells are so deeply familiar and reflect the diversity of many worlds. 

My world began in México, México, México-In Nahautl, one of the many dialects spoken, means the umbilical cord of the moon.

I have always made art from discarded materials, found materials, recycled materials--I tend to see much more in materials in the street than in a store, they already have a story, which adds so much to mine.


Hector Guerrero is an artist/creative/chef from Mexico City. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his family.

He is passionate about food, art, music, travel.  Hector is a creator, and loves to share all that he learns and discovers.  He lives a simple and conscientious life, integrating his ideas and experiences between two cultures, bringing both to each other.  

You can see more about Hectors' food and travel project, Chuparrosa, at

 Contact Hector for more information on commissions, freelance work or any creative work!

Photo by Calvin Chen

Photo by Héctor Guerrero